You know it’s important to have a website that’s professional, legit, and serves as the home base that connects your life’s work to your ideal clients.

But after spending so much time trying to build it on your own—from changing templates, platforms, and following DIY tutorials to a T, you’re still not getting the professional look and feel you’re after. You still don’t have a website you’re happy with, one that you can make changes to with ease.


You really CAN still DIY a website without feeling overwhelmed and stressed—and without it looking like a DIY project at all. 

When you build and update your own professional website the right way,  you will save money, time, and make changes to your own website with confidence, even if you’re not a techie OR a designer.

I get your frustration, especially having tried plenty of platforms and templates myself as a trained website designer who builds websites for my multiple 1:1 clients. Now with my years of experience, finding out what works and what doesn’t, I teach you how to build yours using the right tools and strategies, and guide you in designing a website that you’re excited to share and relieved to finally finish!

I’m Danielle—A TRAINED & CERTIFIED website designer.

I teach online coaches, educators, and solo entrepreneurs how to start, finish, and launch a NICE and professional website that speaks to their ideal clients. As a designer, I once worked at an agency where I specialized in designing templates for our site builder prior to working as an in-house designer for a small business, and before going all in as self employed. Even though I’m a certified designer, I also tutored elementary school kids and worked as a special needs assistant for children with autism, so I understand that each student has their own strengths and weaknesses and I am able to patiently help each student learn in a way that makes sense to them. Helping people has always been one of my core values, along with being a lifelong learner, and that’s why I’m so happy to be able to help you DIY a professional website!

What you can expect & look forward to after working together

You will know exactly how to make changes to your template with my step-by-step guidance in helping you DIY your website.

No more wasting time on trial and error, second-guessing, and getting stressed and hung up on tech issues when you can have my support, take what I’ve learned, (including my resources) and apply it to your own DIY website!

You will FINALLY have a professional-looking website that you’ll want to share with your clients.

You will get to “ask a designer” AKA me, with your burning design questions so you can be confident with what you create. You’ll also receive a professional designer’s critique and website review after you are finished.

You will be able to save the cost of hiring a designer to custom build your site AND the cost of updating your website.

This could be thousands of dollars, as a custom website design-build can cost anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 and beyond.

What you can expect to learn in my course within my 6 modules!



What to say and how to say it? You’ll get my guided videos in crafting your message and voice into your website pages so that it speaks to YOUR dream clients.

Types of photos to “shoot for” to have for your website as a personal brand and how I get the photos I WANT from my own DIY shoots.

Guide to collecting raving testimonials that converts visitors into buyers—Get testimonials that wow and clearly highlights exactly why someone should hire you!



Never wonder what your brand colours and aesthetics are again when I help you define your visual brand once and for all.

Font pairing and choosing the right fonts—learn what NOT to do for headings and body text and mistakes that keep your website from looking professional.

Design tips and resources to help further your design to ensure it looks PRO.



Everything you need to know about installing WordPress, your template, SEO basics, and the Divi Builder (the platform you will be using to modify and edit your template, purchased separately from the course.*)

This module is the technical stuff but will be broken down into the easiest of steps with a guided checklist and video tutorials so you will know how to do it step by step!



This is the module that shows you the ins and outs of using the Divi builder, how to customize your template, and add content to it.

Modify your template
to your needs to include pages such as podcasting and how to add images, create columns, etc

Build it RESPONSIVE—nowadays a huge portion of your visitors would have come to your site via their mobile phones. If your website is NOT mobile-friendly they can easily close the tab and move on. Let me show you how to easily make your website mobile friendly so they stay a while!




Get leads while you sleep by learning how to set up your email opt-in form and how to attach your lead magnet to it.

Get inquiries through your email by setting up a contact form.

Learn what makes an irresistible freebie and how to create one without Photoshop.



Learn how to properly upkeep your WordPress website and best practices for maintenance, and updates.

Includes a checklist to make sure you are 100% equipped to know what to do and how to do this on your own!

What’s there to gain? ALL THIS!

Step by Step Instructional Videos (Lifetime Access)

The course is done via videos and worksheets so you will know exactly how to conquer any tech issues as well as how to incorporate a special gallery page or a specific feature or plugin, or add an Instagram feed, making the template more specific to your business needs.

Pre-Designed Website Template (Coaching Niche)

Don’t start from scratch if you don’t have to! You will work from a template that’s created especially for your coaching and education niche. This way, the layout is already made with your business in mind and all you have to do is replace the content with yours.

A Practical Skillset For Your Online Business

Unlike social media platforms that can come and go, websites aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Being able to build and update your own website is a valuable skill investment that you can use over and over again to create and recreate the website you want at any stage of your business. As you update your business, you can always update your website. With confidence.

Private Facebook Group

You will get the opportunity to DIY your website alongside other entrepreneurs so you can cheer each other on!

Weekly Live Video Q&A Sessions

You will have access to me on a weekly basis for live Q&A’s within the Facebook group for TWO MONTHS to answer your burning questions for each module!

What’s the investment?

Right now, you can build your whole online presence & website

starting at just over $300 vs hiring a professional to design it custom for $3,000+.

Please note: Taking this course requires BOTH WordPress and the builder Divi (a paid platform that needs to be purchased SEPARATELY from the course to build and customize your template with). If you are unsure or have questions regarding this please send me an email at hi@theunbrandedlifestyle.com



$397 USD


$225 USD

PSSSST…..There’s more. Get a hold of these 6 BONUSES that will save you even more time! 

Brand Colour Palette Look Book

Tired of trying to choose the right colours for your website? Take my pre-assembled colour palettes and choose one that fits you and your business! 


Done-For-You Lead Magnet Template

Create your freebie offer using my done-for-you Canva Template–so you don’t have to create a lead magnet from scratch! Just plug and play!


Website Copy Prompts

Got writers’ block? Use my prompts to quickly come up with what to write for your website pages so you can stop procrastinating and start speaking to your ideal clients!

Photoshoot Checklist

Want to try taking your own photos? Even professional photographers have used my checklist to create their own dream photoshoot! Get all the website photos you’ll need with this checklist and you’ll surely be on brand!

Personal Website Review

Get a personal video review from a professional designer (yours truly) complete with all the changes and edits to make to your final revision of your website upon completion. This way you’ll know you’re on the right track to DIY-ing your professional website!



$397 USD


$225 USD

FAQ Section

When does this course officially start?

I’m excited to announce that when you enrol today we will begin mid-January of 2020 so you will definitely have your professional website crossed off your list of goals for the new year! 

Will this course work for me if I already have a website?

Certainly! If your goal is to achieve a professional-looking website and you’re looking to either start fresh or migrate your content from another platform to WordPress AND use the Divi Builder to create your website, then yes! This is a WordPress website building course and both Divi and WordPress are required to create it!

Would I be able to get a refund?

I would be very devasted as an educator if I was not able to deliver on helping my students achieve a website that they could update and upkeep on their own. Due to the nature of digital content, no refunds will be given. When you join this hands-on course, you will have the opportunity to participate in live Q&As and submit your questions to me for help. It is each student’s responsibility to make sure they complete the modules and execute on what they’ve learned.

Would you be able to help me make design changes?

The goal of this course is to train YOU to become capable of making changes to your own website so you won’t need to hire a designer. During this course you will learn exactly how to make changes to your website step-by-step via video tutorials so you will be confident to make any future changes on your own. If you run into any issues, I’m here to answer questions and provide the right resources to guide you along the way!